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Booster for inverter pump

11,500 THB

DC Voltage booster-low voltage input and high voltage output

It is use to booster low voltage input to high voltage to meet solar pumps system application

which need high voltage using.

For example, For 1/3 phase 220VAC pumps, it should be request Vmp ( working voltage) is

310VDC, Voc ( open loop voltage) is 350VDC.

For 3 phase 380VAC pumps, it should be request Vmp 540VDC, and Voc 620VDC.

To order to get high voltage output from solar panels, we always connect solar panels in serial.

for 37voc solar panels, we need do 10 pcs solar panels connection in serial to get 370VDC,

and need do 17 pcs solar panels connection in serial to get 629VDC.

And it will cause big investment for small power solar pumps system, and also make it difficult

to promote this very good green energy solar pump system solution for people who need more

water but less of grid power.

We design and develop DC voltage booster device for increase low voltage to high voltage for

save solar panels using,for money save.

There are two models DC voltage booster can help us reduce solar panels investment.

LV40-70 design for "L" (3phase 220Vac) inverter, input voltage range :40 to 70Vdc.

Output will be 240V to 420VDC.

LV60-90 design for"H" (3phase 380Vac) inverter, input voltage range :60 to 90Vdc.

Output will be 480VDC to 720VDC.

Low voltage booster device is specially for small power solar pump inverter with low current

and high voltage, especial for 0.75kw, 1.5kw 220V pumps, and 0.75kw, 1.5kw 380V pumps.

Input voltage is DC60-90V or DC40-70 can work normally, output voltage is 5~7 times of input

voltage. Output voltage changes according to input voltage so that solar pump inverter can

track the maximum power of PV arrays.


This product has high efficiency. When power is under 200w, the efficiency is under 90%;
when power above 200W, the efficiency can reach above 90%. Efficiency increase with power
increase, maximum efficiency can reach 95%. Normally, this product doesn’t need operation,
normal working only need to connect the input wire and output wire correctly.

Low voltage drive device for small solar pump system, set an example of LV60-90, Currently,
among application of 3-phase solar pump system, the inverter minimum DC input voltage is
450V. In order to meet the voltage of solar pump inverter, many solar panels are needed. In
some real application, the power of the water pump is small, and the power of several solar
panels is enough for solar pump inverter to drive the pump. But the voltage of several solar
panels is not enough to meet the voltage of solar pump inverter, so cause using more solar
panels. In this case, much power of solar panels is wasted and it makes the cost of whole
system very high.

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